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Pair Programming

Your organization has specialized skills and knowledge but these may not include RTEMS. In this situation, our Pair Programming service is the answer. Your staff works side-by-side with RTEMS experts to rapidly develop a device driver, BSP, or application. The expertise of your engineers combined with that of our our engineers is a powerful force. Both know the answers to different problems and complement each other. This ability to quickly answer questions, resolve issues, etc. leads to a rapid development pace. For example, your engineer may be an expert on your hardware. We are experts in writing RTEMS BSPs and device drivers. As we pair program, your engineer can quickly answer questions about the hardware and provide working example code that might take days or weeks to locate otherwise.

OAR has had great success in using pair programming to develop BSPs and device drivers.

Cost: Due to the customer specific nature of this service, please contact us for a custom quote.