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Open Class

OAR offers the RTEMS Open Class on a regular basis. Open courses may be attended by anyone from any company, project, or group. The Open Class is designed to give those new to real-time programming a significant introduction, while also providing the experienced embedded systems engineer with a new insight into real-time design patterns and the specifics of RTEMS. In contrast, the Closed Class sessions are usually held at a customer's site, tailored to their specific needs, and attendance is limited to employees of that company.

The RTEMS Open Class includes the following major topics:

  • Real-Time system design and scheduling theory
  • Semantics of BSP building and maintenance
  • RTEMS SuperCore design
  • Source organization and portability model
  • Tuning and debugging an RTEMS application
  • Driver development for clock, timer, and real-time clock
  • Console drivers for raw and termios mode
  • Network drivers
  • BSP structure include a live walk through of RTEMS, BSP, and application initialization
  • Handling of target dependencies
  • Classic API
  • Numerous executable examples

In addition, numerous RTEMS example programs are demonstrated on different BSPs. The selection of BSPs is tailored to the interests of the attendees.

The PDF file below provides a more detailed outline of the RTEMS Open Class.

Open Classes are offered regularly in Huntsville, Alabama. Please contact us to express interest in attending a class in Huntsville or to host a class at your company.

PDF Documents: