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RTEMS Application Assistance

OAR developed RTEMS and continues to maintain and enhance it. Consequently, OAR personnel have a unique level of experience and insight into both RTEMS as well as real-time embedded applications. Since its inception in 1978, OAR has developed applications on a variety of real-time operating systems in addition to RTEMS. We have experience in the design, development, deployment and long-term support in hard-core embedded applications that must work right every time.

You can take advantage of our expertise by using OAR as consultants on your application. We can assist you with design and implementation as well as add our unique insight to help you debug those really hard problems. RTEMS Application Assistance is designed to provide you the most flexibility in utilizing OAR's RTEMS experts during all phases of the embedded application life cycle. We can assist during the design, development, debug, deployment, and long-term maintenance of your application.

Cost: RTEMS Application Assistance is done on a time and materials basis, with a minimum of 40 hours of engineering assistance. It may be purchased in multiple 40-hour blocks. Please contact us for current rates.